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Permanent Magnetic Variable Frequency Pump

  • APH


Constant pressure, high efficiency, energy saving, comfortable using experience.
Four core technologies are: permanent magnet synchronous motor, non-inductive FOC vector drive technology, diaphragm pressure tank technology, check valve to eliminate water hammer.
1.The system uses rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor,ultra-high energy efficiency and ultra-low power consumption;
2.Low to 1W standby power design, so that energy saving technology can be perfectly presented;
3.Motor non - inductive drive technology (FOC), complete realization of zero maintenance of the motor system;
4.The rotor shaft adopts stainless steel welding technology to ensure that the parts will never rust;
5.The integrated pressure tank core diaphragm uses IIR material to improve the gas tightness;
6.Matching LCD interface, easy to operate;
7.Adopt the pressure sensors of world-class brands Sensata to improve the reliablility of the system;
8.System integration check valve structure;

9.The constant pressure control system, which is specially designed for the family, completely realizes the constant water pressure.

Stainless steel pump body.Stainless steel impeller,shaft is 304SS welding with steel.
Mechanical seal :silicon carbide-graphite. With the sensata pressure sensor,Stainless steel five way.stainless steel and oil filled pressure gauge. IP54
APH Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump series
Series Model Input power Output power Max speed of revolution Max. Flow
Rated Flow
Rated Head
Inlet pipe size Outlet pipe size
W W RPM Qmax QN Hmax HN
1 APH203 800 640 3500 5.1 2 40 34 G1" G1"
2 APH204 1000 800 3500 5.6 2 56 48 G1" G1"
3 APH403 1000 800 3500 6.5 4 40 32 G1.25" G1"
4 APH404 1500 1200 3500 7.0 4 60 50 G1.25" G1"




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