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Variable-frequency pump

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Product Profile:

VF series variable frequency constant pressure water supply system adopts the latest combination of VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) AC variable frequency speed control technology and pressure sensing technology. Through the feedback comparison of real-time pressure value and set pressure value, the speed of motor can be automatically adjusted to keep the outlet pressure unchanged.

Product characteristics:

1. High efficiency and energy saving. Compared with traditional water supply mode, frequency conversion constant pressure water supply can save 30% - 60% energy.

2. Small area, less investment and high efficiency

3. Flexible configuration, high degree of automation, complete functions, flexibility and reliability

4. Reasonable operation, due to the decrease of the average speed in a day, the decrease of the average torque and wear on the shaft, the life of the pump will be greatly improved.

5. Because the pump can achieve soft stop and soft start, and can eliminate the water hammer effect (water hammer effect: when starting and stopping directly, the liquid kinetic energy sharply increases, resulting in a great impact on the pipeline network, has a great destructive force).

6. Installation is convenient, replacing water tower, high water tank and traditional air pressure tank water supply device.

7. Direct pressurized water supply reduces secondary pollution caused by traditional air pressure tank water supply mode.

8. All the overflow parts are stainless steel (304 or 316), which ensures the health of water use.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for all kinds of water plants, pressure stations, hotels, residential areas and other high-rise buildings.

Working conditions:

1. Medium Temperature: Normal Temperature (0 +50)/High Temperature (0 +90).

2. Environmental temperature: <50 C.

Technical parameters:

Special attention: when leaving the factory, the set working pressure value is not matched with the inflatable pressure value of the pressure tank. Users must match before using. When the user sets the working pressure value, the user must match first.

It is necessary to adjust the pressure of the pressure tank. Generally, the inflatable value of the pressure tank is equivalent to 50%-70% of the set working pressure value.




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