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Automatic pump control

  • PC-58(P)


Technical parameters:

1. Start-up pressure range: 0.5-6.0 bar

2. Maximum rated current: 10A or 16A

3. Maximum power: 1.1KW or 2.2KW

4. Permissible maximum pressure: 10 bar

5. Rated voltage: 110V or 220V

6. Frequency: 50/60Hz

7. Maximum ambient temperature: 40 degree C

8. Maximum Medium Temperature: 60 degrees C

9. Protection Level: IP65


1. Automatic control of pump operation and shutdown.

2. Stop pumping automatically in case of water shortage.

3. Call will start automatically after power failure.

4. Manual mandatory startup.

5. Over-pressure protection, system pressure more than 10 bars automatically stop the pump work.

6. Water shortage self-start, the time interval of self-start is 1 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and then 1 hour cycle.

7. Anti-card protection, long-term non-use of the pump, 48 hours to start once.

8. Sampling pressure sensor and LED display, real-time control system pressure value.

9. Built-in two working modes, automatic mode: the controller can automatically adjust the starting pressure value according to the pressure in the pipeline, and can monitor the pressure in the pipeline in real time. The bigger the pipeline pressure is, the smaller the starting pressure is, and the smaller the starting pressure is. It does not need to be set manually, so as to avoid the mismatch between the starting pressure and the head of the pump caused by the mismatch of the artificial setting starting pressure and the head of the pump. Obstacles occur, which can be used freely on pumps in the range of 10-98 meters lift, rated voltage, current and power. It is especially suitable for systems with mixed and superimposed pressure (such as tap water pressure or other booster pump pressure). Compared with traditional pressure controllers, it greatly reduces the occurrence of faults, thereby reducing the after-sale cost and is more intelligent. Manual setting of starting pressure value, 0.5-6.0 bar adjustable, wide range of voltage regulation, simple operation.

10. Thread interface: G1"external thread.

11. It can be configured according to user's requirements.

Archable options:

1. colors

2. Fast Joint G1"

3. Power Wire Length

Packaging information:

BOX SIZE(CM) 20.5×17×18.3
CARTON SIZE(CM) 52.5×42.5×38.5
N.W.(KGS) 17
G.W.(KGS) 19



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