Deep well submersible pump

Deep well submersible pump

Technical data:

Single phase: 0.25KW to 1.8KW
Three phase: 0.25KW to 1.8KW
Voltage: 110V/220V/380V
Insulation: B
Protection grade: IP68
Max Liquid temperature: 35°C
Connection and coupling size according to Company standard
Motor casing: SUS201 or SUS304

Top chock: cast-iron
Max diameter: φ87
Cable: 2 + 1wires or 3 + 1wires
Single phase capacitor inside motor use 2+1 wires
Single phase motor capacitor outside ( with control box, black wire is the public wire, blue is the main wire, 
brown is the sub wire, yellow and green is the grounding

Technical Parameter


For water supply from wells or reservoirs
For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications
For garden use and irrigation

Operating conditions:

Maximum fluid temperature up to +35°C
Maximum sand content: 0.25%
Maximum immersion: 80m
Minimum well diameter: 3.5" 

Motor and pump:

Rewindable motor or full obturated screen motor
Three-phase: 220V/380V/60Hz
Single-phase: 110V/220V/60Hz
Equip with start control box or digital auto-control box
Pumps are designed by casing stressed
Company dimension standards
Curve tolerance according to ISO 2548

Warranty: 1 year:

according to our general sales conditions

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