Pressure control

Pressure control


1.Stop and start the pump automatically
2.Stop the pump in the case of water shortage
3.After power cut off,restart the pump automatically when the power on
4.Manual forced start
5.Over-pressure protection,stop the pump automatically when the system pressure exceeds 10 bar
6.Automatically restart after water shortage, the restart interval time is 1minute,30 minutes, 1 hour recycle
7.water shortage protection timeļ¼š 15 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes optional.
8.long time continuous operation protection shutdown function, when the water pump continuous operation for four hours forced shutdown, the function can be turned on or off.
9.Anti-stick protection, the control will start the pump automatically by 1 time in 48hours to prevent the pump get stuck in the condition of long time no use
10.With pressure sensor and LED display, to manager the system pressure value real-time
11.Built-in three working mode:
a.Automatic mode: The control adjust the starting pressure according to the pressure in the pipe and real-time monitoring. The higher the pipe pressure, the higher the start pressure, the lower the pipe pressure, the lower the start pressure, No need manual set, with this function, can avoid the problem occur because of wrong set of start pressure, such as the start pressure set not match with the pump lift will make the pump not start normally.
It can be used for the pumps that the head between 10m-98m, confirm to rated voltage, current, and power, especially applied to multiple pressure mixed superimposed systems (such as tap water pressure or other booster pumps, etc).Compare with the traditional pressure controller, it can reduce the occurrence of failure, thus reducing after-sales cost and more intelligent.
b.Normal mode: manually set starting pressure, 0.5-6.0bar adjustable, wide range of adjustment, easy to operate.
c.Water tower mode: combined with mechanical float, the water pump shall be shut down when the water tower is full, and the water pump shall be started when the set interval starting time arrives. The interval starting time is optional at 0.5h, 3h, 6h, 12h and 24h.Can set the shutdown pressure value, and with pressure/flow double shutdown.
12.Joint screw: G1"male
13.It can be configured according to customers' needs.


1. Color
2. G1"plastic pipe joint for a quick connection to water pump.
3. Power cable length

Technical Parameter

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