Multifunction Intelligent Pump Control

Multifunction Intelligent Pump Control


1.Applied to single-phase submersible water pump, Pipeline Pump(0.37-2.2KW) etc, which can realize the level control protection and pressure control protection;
2.Auto/Manual control;
3.With four working modes: pressure sensor, float switch, liquid level probe and electric contact pressure gauge, which are applicable to most working conditions;
4.With under/over-voltage protection function;
5.With Over-current protection function;
6.With short circuit protection function;
7.Built-in Starting capacitor;
8.Built-in air switch protector;
9.Current setting can be set automatically with one key and manually input setting;
10.Pump dry-running protection time can be adjusted(10 seconds,3 minutes,5 minutes),which suitable for different pumps and working conditions;
11.Pump dry-running current can be adjusted(70%、80%、85% of the rated current);
12.Double pump can work at the same time when low water level, low pressure water replenishment or high level overflow alarm sewage discharge;
13.When one pump works fails and stops, the other pump can switch work automatically;
14.The two pumps can be rotated and the rotation time can be adjusted from 0 to 99 hours;
15.Can query one pump cumulative rotation working time;
16.Dry-running protection with sensor free;
17.LCD showing the working voltage, current and pressure value;
18.LCD displays fault information and gives sound and light alarm;
19.Can be configured according to user's requirements.

Technical Parameter

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